The Catllaras sierra

Falgars Hostel is located in an exceptional environment

Falgars offers plenty of hiking options: long-distance paths such as the GR-4 from Montserrat to Puigcerdà, short-distance paths and the Alt Berguedà paths network , will lead you to several remarkable sites and encounters: old remnants of the coal mining camps, animals and botanical species such as orchids or edelweiss. You can also visit the Xalet del Catllaràs.

It's the Catllaràs range, home to wild swine, the wild cock and deer, whose spectacular bellows at rut time will make your stay even more magical. In autumn, the birch and pine tree forest turns bright with falling leaves, and mushroom picking becomes a popular activity. In spring, you can find orchid. Around July, you will see the snow flower, the Edelweiss.


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You can't leave Falgars without hiking the Volta al Catllaràs, an itinerary that takes you through nature and History to places such as the Joc de Pilota (the football game), where English engineers working in the coalmines and the Asland cement factory (the first built in Spain) first taught football to locals. Or the Catllaràs chalet, a work by Antoni Gaudí made to host these engineers, and the highlight of the trail, the viewpoint at the Roc de la Lluna (the Moon Rock), from where you'll be looking onto the whole Cadí range.
If you are photography lovers, a challenge awaits you: find one of the most special orchids, the cypripedium calceolus, whose blooming in spring is a rare and rewarding sight. In early summer, you will also be able to spot the snow flower, the Edelweiss.
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